Story began in 2005.........................

Taiwan makes a lot of RC products that are circulated around the world but mostly not in the name of Taiwanese brand. Many have toyed their RC cars for years without knowing where they were made. Therefore, EDAM not only brings the RC cars to the hands of players but also insists in bringing the name 'EDAM' to the racers. 

Among all the RC Car manufacturers, EDAM is without doubt the youngest and the most fearless. As our slogan "Lead the Way " goes, we chosed the most chanlleging and unconvetional path to start up the business. EDAM boldly invested in the development of On-Road Racing Cars which are considered the most technology demanding than any other type of RC products. Fruitful race awards since 2007 have become the best testimonies of EDAM quality.

As if the obstacles are not great enough, in 2012 spring, EDAM released a whole new line of electric Off-Road RTR, called "ERC Series". The E stands for "Easy, Exciting and Educational ". We hope teenage beginners will be inspired to pick up mechinal and electric engineering knowledges while having lots of fun with EDAM cars!

EDAM believes in one thing. That is, a product that is well made with users in mind will always be appreciated. Such philosophy leads to what EDAM stands for :  "Excellent Design Auto Mobile". This is EDAM and where it is heading. We'll keep making great RC products and will continue to satisfy you with "Affordable Luxury"! 

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